gab3 I am a Full-time Professor in Game Studies and Cultural Industries in the School of Media of Université du Québec à Montréal. My main areas of expertise include game studies, media sociology, and gender studies. I hold a Joint Ph.D. in Communication from UQAM/UdeM/Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). My PhD thesis explores the possibility of using parodies as playful means to denaturalize gender stereotypes, raise consciousness and empower people. During my postdoctoral fellowship at MIT Comparative Media Studies | Writing, I pursued my work on gender parody in the fields of Internet and game studies. I developed a computer game that raises awareness on gender issues and bullying (A conversation with Hugo), a computer program that randomizes video game narratives to show how different female and male characters could be (MixteMatch), as well as a machinima parody that criticizes gender stereotypes from many video games (Free Speach). I am currently working on the topic of fictional immersion in video games.

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