Title: Raising Awareness on Bullying with the Board Game “Les choix de Raphaëlle”
Year: 2023-2024
Funding agency: Game in Lab
Description: Starting from the premise that games have the potential to stimulate the development of a critical consciousness among people in oppressive situations and to provide them with tools that facilitate the implementation of community processes aimed at social change, this research aims to understand what ludic, narrative and aesthetic processes as well as what conditions favour the actualization of this potential. In the context of a field study conducted with young girls affiliated with the organization Les Scientifines, we will specifically examine how the board game Les choix de Raphaëlle can serve as a space for awareness-raising about violence, not only in the context of a game session, but also in the context of a game creation. To do this, we will ask them to play the game in a laboratory, to create new scenario cards, and then to answer a series of questions in a focus group. 

Title: Diversity, inclusion and equality in Quebec gaming industry
Year: 2019-2023
Funding agency: CRSH
Description: The objective of this study is to provide a current and detailed portrait of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the Quebec video game industry. The goal is to identify the most prevalent DEI issues in the industry, to understand how they manifest themselves in the studios and why they persist. As part of this study, two surveys were conducted in the summer of 2021. The first, addressed to the 10,800 employees working in a development team within a Quebec studio, was completed by 1,532 people and addressed topics such as mental health, vertical and horizontal segregation, discrimination, pay equity, sexism, exclusion, working conditions, sexual and psychological harassment, etc. The second survey, addressed to the managers of 291 Quebec video game studios, was completed by 57 people and sought to see what importance they attach to the diversification of development teams and what measures they are putting in place to promote DEI within their studio. Interviews were also conducted with twenty people who had experienced problems related to DEI in Quebec video game studios.

Title: Fictional Immersion Beyond Narration
Year: 2018-2023
Funding agency: FRQSC